Watson, Ben

Ben Watson’s principal areas of practice are international crime, extradition and international mutual legal assistance; public law including judicial review and human rights; and domestic criminal law, in particular fraud and asset recovery.

Ben Watson

Watson is a member of the Attorney-General’s B Panel (civil). Watson has ‘developed vetted’ (DV) security clearance and has been appointed to the Attorney-General’s Special Advocate’s Panel.

He is also qualified to accept instructions direct from lay clients under the Bar Council’s Public Access Rules.

Watson is one of the few practitioners in the UK who is regularly instructed on behalf of each of the three parties to extradition proceedings: the (foreign) requesting state, the defence and the UK government. As a result, over the past few years, he has been involved in many of the leading extradition cases on international terrorism, the European Arrest Warrant scheme and various high-profile allegations of fraud or other ‘white-collar’ crime. In the related area of international mutual legal assistance, Watson regularly advises both private clients and the UK authorities.

He also regularly acts in a wide range of judicial review proceedings for both claimants and government departments, as well as frequently prosecuting and defending in the Crown Court in his own right. White-collar crime and related asset recovery proceedings are Watson’s particular areas of interest.

In addition to the areas above, he has also acted in a number of coroners’ inquests, police disciplinary proceedings, civil actions against the police and immigration cases.

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