Reining in escalating e-discovery costs

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Reining in escalating e-discovery costs — strategies for taking control and making it work - .PDF file.

How does a party comply with preservation and discovery obligations when an employee generates enough communications and social media on their smartphones to fill an entire library? How do you identify relevant email messages from key custodians when the average employee sends as many as 60 emails a day or close to 15,000 a year?

A smartphone that weighs less than 5oz has 64 gigabytes of data storage. To truly comprehend the volume of data it can store, all of the works of Beethoven are only 20 gigabytes.

The proliferation of electronically stored information (ESI) is driving legal departments to re-engineer dispute management to improve outcomes and lower risk. Traditional document review is no longer cost effective, let alone practical, for legal and regulatory productions…

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