Increased targeting ‘should deter pubs from showing foreign Premier League broadcasts’

The Premier League is targeting pubs showing foreign broadcasts of Premier League matches. Neil Mohring, partner at Eversheds, believes that increased targeting and more accessible official packages should deter pubs from illegally showing foreign broadcasts.

Mohring said: ‘The Premier League’s targeting of pubs illegally showing foreign broadcasts of Premier League matches is a natural consequence of the Murphy case.

‘While it would be very difficult to target every pub illegally showing games, the Premier League will hope that the publicity surrounding its increased activity will deter others.

‘Television revenue is fundamental to the success of the Premier League and therefore it is no surprise that this is a priority. Many pubs would argue that the Premier League’s official packages are too expensive, so the Premier League is more likely to increase its revenue and decrease illegal activity if it combines this increased targeting with a push to make the official packages more accessible.’