Humphryes QC, Jane

Jane Humphryes QC is an expert barrister with extensive experience specialising in all aspects of serious crime: homicide, fraud, all aspects of sexual offences including rape, child abuse and historic allegations, drugs, money laundering, corruption (including against the Ministry of Defence), violence and sexual offences.

Jane Humphryes QC

Where she has expertise in both prosecuting and defending, her practice has recently been almost exclusively defending.

Humphryes is particularly known for her tactical approach to cases while displaying a meticulous attention to detail. She is fearless and effective when cross-examining and is reputed to leave no stone unturned. Her speeches have become legendary, attracting compliments from her colleagues, the co-accused and even alleged victims of crime. She is known for pulling the rabbit out of the hat while others are charmed into relaxing their guard. She instils great confidence in her clients. 

She has considerable experience in fraud matters where she has defended in corporate, VAT, banking, mortgage, local authority, legal and patent fraud. Humphryes is currently instructed on the first trial of a land banking fraud where four defendants are accused of setting up a series of companies intended to be used as vehicles for fraud aimed at defrauding investors out of tens of millions of pounds.

Humphryes has extensive experience in many high-profile murder cases, having defended in numerous such cases in recent years. These have included allegations of contract killings, gangland murders, street murders and domestic killings. The defences have ranged from identification, intent, participation, mental health, self-defence and mercy.

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