Eversheds Paris supports mentoring initiative aimed at tackling the ‘double glass ceiling’

Eversheds Paris has announced a partnership with Club XXIe Siècle and the European Professional Women Network (EPWN) to sponsor a mentoring programme aimed at helping young women of diverse origins to fulfil their potential.

The initiative is dedicated to women between the ages of 25–39 within the immigrant population, who statistically face more difficulties in progressing in their desired career paths. Some of these women are believed to be facing a ‘double glass ceiling’ in the workplace environment.

To try and combat this problem, Club XXIe Siècle and EPWN have devised a mentoring programme to coach young women of diverse origins who have diplomas and between five and eight years of professional experience. The women will be mentored and supported to manage the challenge of the double glass ceiling and to prepare for their career progression in the workplace.