Betfair legal director quits months after resignation of company secretary

Betfair legal director Justin Hubble has left the gambling company just months after company secretary Martin Cruddace resigned.

Hubble joined Betfair as head of legal in October 2003 and, a decade later, was promoted to legal director, understood to be the group’s most senior legal role. It is not clear if his promotion was linked to Cruddace’s resignation, which wasn’t announced until June. 

Both Hubble and Cruddace spent around a decade with the business, with libel lawyer Cruddace, the former head of legal affairs for the Mirror group, quitting Schillings for the relatively new online gambling site in 2004. Hubble joined the business from Ashurst in 2003, when Betfair was three years old.

Cruddace reportedly decided last year was the right time to step down following the conclusion of various regulatory issues, while Hubble is thought to be in talks with another digital business. 

The team that formerly reported to Hubble – including head of legal Reg Ozcan, head of compliance Chris Harley and head of insider threat Stuart Cooney – now report to Betfair’s chief legal officer Fiona Russell.

Russell joined Betfair from BSkyB in 2006 and has since been promoted to chief legal officer. She was promoted twice last year – in January to the role of director of regulatory affairs and again in July, following Cruddace’s resignation, to chief legal officer. 

There are not understood to be any other internal changes following Hubble’s resignation.