Allen & Overy affiliate Derivative Services set to update Rulefinder Shareholding Disclosure

Derivative Services, an affiliate of Allen & Overy, is updating its Rulefinder Shareholding Disclosure service with enhanced content.

Rulefinder Shareholding Disclosure is a service covering disclosure rules relating to substantial shareholding, short selling, sensitive industries, takeovers and issuer-initiated disclosures.

The key legal content enhancements include aggregation and disclosure rules for managers of discretionary and non-discretionary managed holdings, disclosure rules in respect of ETFs and collateral givers, analysis regarding exemptions available to a securities underwriter and confirmation whether takeover lists are publicly available.

The UK report was updated on Rulefinder Shareholding Disclosure in December 2013 and it showcases the new legal content. The online service is now rolling out the enhanced content across the product as part of its annual update of each of the jurisdictions it covers and, therefore, other jurisdictions published on the Rulefinder website from approximately the end of February 2014 onwards will also include the new content.

Other enhancements that have been added to the service recently are two page summaries and an export to Excel function. Since September 2013, the online service has been adding two page summaries of the disclosure rules in each jurisdiction.

Each summary covers substantial shareholding, short selling (including, in Europe, the short selling of sovereign debt and sovereign credit default swaps), takeovers, issuer requests and sensitive industries.