Italian employment boutique launches London office

Italian labour law firm hELP – Persiani has launched an office in London in a rare move for a boutique European firm.

A number of full-service European firms, including Italian leaders Gianni Origoni Grippo Cappelli & Partners, Bonelli Erede Pappalardo, Chiomenti and most recently Legance (15 October 2012) have offices in the City but such moves by smaller firms are uncommon.

The office will be headed by recent recruit Daniela Morante, who joined the firm after seven years as vice-director of the Institute for the Promotion of Arbitration and Mediation in the Mediterranean.

hELP (the Employment Law Plant) was founded in late 2011 and expanded a year ago through a merger with Studio Legale Persiani (19 January 2012). Chairman Mattia Persiani said that the firm’s international clients had asked it to open in London. The move follows labour law reforms in Italy in June, which changed the rules on issues such as dismissals, temporary contracts and recruitment.

“We felt it was the right time to strengthen our service to businesses struggling to keep pace with the complexities of Italian employment legislative changes,” said Persiani.

As well as its new London office, hELP – Persiani has offices in Milan and Rome and operates a network of referral partners in other countries.

Last week hELP – Persiani lost co-founder Sharon Reilly to rival Lablaw (16 January 2013).