Dundas turns to Cass for help delivering more for less

Scottish firm Dundas & Wilson has teamed up with Cass Business School to launch a legal project management and business programme for its partners and staff.

The programme follows the launch of the firm’s Legal Services Unit (LSU), which was billed as a ‘firm within a firm’ where paralegals could do work more cheaply for clients, in July 2012 (18 July 2012).

Like the LSU initiative, the 12-month legal project management and business programme is designed to help Dundas’ lawyers meet clients’ expectations of receiving more for less from their advisers by teaching them to delegate better and to use IT resources more effectively. The course will combine in-house training with workshops led by Cass Business School trainers.

In a statement, Dundas co-managing partner Allan Wernham said:“I’m delighted to announce today that our new legal project management programme will be launched in association with Cass. They agree with our thinking that these skills will be critical to the successful law firm of the future, and see what they’re doing with us, one of the first programmes of its kind in the UK, as an exciting development for the legal market.”

The LSU initiative and subsequent collaboration with Cass business school were both developed under the firm’s new managing partner team of Wernham and Caryn Penley, who took on the role after incumbent Donald Shaw stepped down in March 2012.

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