Catastrophe averted as Hunter the cat returns to Inner Temple

A popular member of the Inner Temple who went missing has returned safe and sound.


Panic had started to spread through the Inner Temple Gardens after Hunter the cat disappeared over the weekend. Fraught assistant gardener Nanette Hudson issued a plea yesterday morning when the feline did not show up for breakfast.

The worried guardian feared that Hunter may have been cat-napped and claimed the vanishing act was “completely out of character”.

Barristers and clerks were urged to peer into the nooks and crannies of the old buildings in case the ginger and white cat was trapped in a basement.

In an email sent out to chambers, Hudson said: “Hunter, the garden cat, has not appeared for breakfast this morning. If anyone has seen him, either today or any time over the weekend, or knows where he is can you please let us know.

“This is completely out of character as, being a greedy guts, he never misses breakfast.

“He may have become trapped in one of the basements so please could I ask chambers to check their buildings just in case.”

However, the crisis was averted four hours later when Hunter returned

Hudson followed up: “We’re none the wiser as to where he has been and what he’s been up to, but he is unhurt and hungry…no change there then.”

An Inner Temple spokesman added: “The catastrophe has been averted.”