The Lawyer Management – Vince Cordo, director of client value, Reed Smith

Pittsburgh-based Vince Cordo is the director of client value at Reed Smith having joined the firm in June 2013. He was previously the director of value and project management at Squire Sanders.

What’s been your biggest career challenge?

Time. When you are good at what you do, put in the time and hours, and deliver results you can get very busy, very fast.

What would be your career advice to a graduate wanting to go into this field?  

I would get involved in an internship if you can to see what the role entails while getting acclimated to a law firm culture.  We have an internship programme in place to help cultivate new talent. 

Why is Reed Smith launching a support arm in London?

London is Reed Smith’s largest office. With the Jackson reforms it makes perfect sense to ramp up our support. Moreover, we’re working to provide a global client value service and having someone on the ground will ensure we’re able to provide consistent service delivery and quality to our lawyers and clients across Europe, Middle East, Asia and the US.

What are the challenges with supporting the EMEA region from the US?

The biggest challenge is our aim to provide consistent service delivery across multiple time zones. It’s a challenge but it’s not impossible. 

How has technology changed during your time at the firm? 

We regularly audit our services to continually improve our service.  Technology in the sense of real time and access to our time entry system for reporting purposes, leveraging systems like Viewabill, has come a long way.

If you weren’t doing this, what else would you be doing?

I cant think of anything else I would rather do. I enjoy this and more importantly, I enjoy innovating new ways to do what I do.

How has your role changed during your time at the firm?

The biggest change is being deeply integrated with the business. 

Do you think continental European firms are, generally, putting as much effort into operational efficiency as US/UK-headquartered firms?

Absolutely, with the world already shrinking all law firms are having to adapt to the changing needs of clients. It’s the firms that get it right by bringing in the right expertise to deliver what is needed that will excel.  

What problem would you most like technology to solve?

We need a better way to search all of the data in our systems for relevant information that can populate quality responses while providing examples and results on previous outcomes.

What’s your favourite part of the day?

Seeing my daughter Olivia Maya’s wonderful smile when I wake up in the morning, and when I get home.