Nanfang Daily reports on Dacheng partner’s call for online court document disclosure

A report has been published in Nanfang Daily that includes an interview with attorney Zhang Xiang, Dacheng senior partner and director of the Shenzhen office’s marketing and specialisation committee, who has been an active advocate of posting court documents online.

According to the report — titled ‘Build an online litigation service platform and improve online disclosure of court documents’ — Xiang has been calling for disclosing all court documents on the internet with a number of other attorneys as early as 2010.

He has previously published a letter written to Prof Huang Yaying, who is also a member of the People’s Congress of Shenzhen and dean of the School of Law of Shenzhen University, to alert the professor’s attention to the issues related to the rule of law in Shenzhen, including the online disclosure of court documents.

His letter received an immediate response from the professor and it was decided that, from 1 January 2014 onwards, all levels of courts in Shenzhen will post their court documents online for public reference.