Global currents: trends in complex cross-border disputes

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Complex and costly cross-border legal disputes are projected to grow significantly in the years ahead, according to a new survey of multinational corporations. At the top of many companies’ list of most challenging legal systems are China, India, Brazil and the US.

Many of the respondents in the survey, which was conducted by Hogan Lovells, acknowledge that the disputes aren’t always wise to avoid. Findings indicate that suits can be used in furtherance of business strategy. When skilfully handled, cross-border disputes can be powerful strategic tools. The survey also revealed the importance of using effective project management techniques to deliver tasks on time and to budget.

The survey, which was part of a report titled ‘2013–14 global currents: trends in complex cross-border disputes’ and is the first of a series of upcoming research pieces on global disputes, included 146 senior lawyers and executives from some of the largest global companies across 18 industries. With its unique focus on the growth of cross-border disputes, the report sheds light on the current hotbeds for litigation and the careful preparation that lawyers and boards are taking to address the complexity and potential reputational risk accompanying complex litigation involving multiple international jurisdictions…

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