Financial sector update — February 2014

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Financial sector update — February 2014 - .PDF file.

With European elections upon us in May, the flow of new rules and regulations from Europe is expected to slow, with the immediate focus for the remainder of the year being on fine-tuning already adopted policy decisions. Any time to draw breath and focus on day-to-day business will be welcomed by the sector generally.

At the macro-level, the UK is displaying a more buoyant mood than has been evidenced in the past and 2014 is looked forward to with confidence, helped, not least, by increasing GDP growth and the re-opening of the capital markets. Globally, this optimism is less universally shared, although the upcoming elections in India offer a chance of stable policy making and China continues to rebalance its economy.

We are, by no means, clear of the crisis of the past five years, but hopefully we have reached the end of the beginning of the turnaround and the start of the next phase of a return to growth…

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