Eversheds says Oxfam ‘deserves praise’ for ranking socially conscious food companies

Parmjit Singh, head of the food and drink group at Eversheds, has praised Oxfam for its rankings of food and drink companies in terms of social and environmental policies.

Singh said: ‘After the horsemeat scandal in Europe, other food scandals around the world over the last 12 months and the death of hundreds of workers in a factory in Bangladesh, this positive Oxfam report will certainly be welcomed by the large global food and drink companies.’

He said that it would be easy to forget how much effort these companies have put into building effective corporate social responsibility programmes around the world, adding that Oxfam has highlighted the progress that has been made both for the benefit of the local communities and for the companies themselves. 

‘With increased visibility for all companies via social-media platforms, we will continue to see global food and drink companies investing in these programmes and looking to either maintain or improve their position on the Oxfam benchmark,’ said Singh.