Establishing a Luxembourg SOPARFI

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Establishing a Luxembourg SOPARFI - .PDF file.

A SOPARFI (société de participation financière), in straightforward terms, is an ordinary, unregulated, commercial company used extensively in Luxembourg. It is a generic term and does not refer to a specific legal form of corporate entity.

The most common legal forms a SOPARFI can take are a private limited liability company (‘société à responsabilité limitée’, commonly abbreviated to S.à r.l.) and a public limited liability company (‘société anonyme’, commonly abbreviated to SA).

Both a S.à r.l. and a SA are formed under the Commercial Companies Law 1915 (as amended), which stipulates the minimum share capital each vehicle should have; €12,500 (£9,950) in the case of a S.à r.l. and €31,000 for a SA. There are several other differences between the two types of vehicles…

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