Croatia: recent news highlights — Strategic Investment Act and proposed new act on maritime goods and sea harbours

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The new act on strategic investment in Croatia has achieved its goal of reducing administrative procedures and ensuring the speedy realisation of strategic projects in Croatia. In order to declare a project ‘strategic’, it must meet several criteria. Foremost, the project must be in accordance with spatial planning regulations. Also, the total amount of capital expense must be HRK150m (£16m) or more.

If it is possible to co-finance the project with EU funds, this amount can be equal to or greater than HRK75m. If the project is being carried out on an island or in local or regional municipalities that have a lower-than-average level of development than the rest of Croatia, or the project is related to agriculture and fishery, the total amount of capital expense can be equal to or greater than HRK20m.

In addition to the financial criteria, the criteria regarding the scope of activities pertaining to the strategic project must also be fulfilled…

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