Collyer Bristow holds mock employment tribunal based on a real case

In October, Collyer Bristow held a mock employment tribunal hearing based on a real case involving claims of constructive unfair dismissal and disability discrimination.

Barristers Oliver Segal, Deshpal Panesar and Jonathan Davies of Old Square Chambers grilled the witnesses and offered a real insight into the workings and procedure of the employment tribunal.

Collyer Bristow has prepared a follow-up note setting out the key points and feedback arising from the event, plus some tips and guidance.

Some key conclusions

  • The importance of keeping accurate records and making clear notes of conversations with staff members about potentially tricky employment issues cannot emphasised enough.
  • Delegates noted the importance of good communication.
  • It is important for employers to keep in mind that they should approach employment issues proactively and try to engage with employees at an early stage to resolve problems.