Analyst report praises KPMG’s Global HR Center of Excellence

A report from Kennedy Consulting Research and Advisory has cited KPMG member firms as ‘vanguard leaders’ in ‘advancing’ in the breadth and depth of human resources (HR) transformation capabilities. In the report, KPMG’s Global HR Center of Excellence is seen as critical to global client service.

The report highlighted the network’s ability to ‘strengthen its HR transformation consulting capabilities, evolving into one of the leading global providers with an integrated strategic service offering’.

KPMG’s Human Resources Transformation (HRT) group was specifically recognised in the report for its view of HR transformation as an enabler of business strategy because of how it leverages technology, HR process transformation, HR architectures, HR benchmarking, predictive workforce analytics, leadership development and change management activities.

The report spoke highly of KPMG International’s Global HR Center of Excellence, which comprises senior HR consultants across KPMG member firms worldwide with industry experience managing HR operations or deep background in HR processes and functional activities, including employee benefits, talent and performance management.

The report described the KPMG centre, launched two years ago, as ‘an innovation engine, conducting research and publishing thought leadership on topics such as predictive workforce analytics and differentiated HR architectures’.

Other KPMG strengths cited in the report underscored the quality of the framework for HR transformation that focuses on adding value by creating a ‘unique, fit-for-purpose HR architecture’ and client value that is created by HR technology and sourcing advisory services and ‘expertise integrating emerging technologies when designing HR service delivery frameworks’.

Citing expanded capabilities that have added to the organisation’s success as a result of recent acquisitions such as Equaterra in 2010, Optimum Solutions in 2011 and, most recently, the Oracle ERP business of the Hackett Group in 2013, the report said KPMG companies have also enhanced their service offerings by working with alliance partners to integrate emerging technologies that can provide clients with the most innovative and efficient solutions for their business.