What’s in a name?

There’s plenty in a a name: just ask Dentons, which devised an “innovative name migration strategy” to manage the combination of the Salans, SNR Denton and FMC brands.

Lawrence Graham probably thought its brand migration strategy was equally innovative and steadfast when nearly six years ago it switched to the catchy LG banner. But things have not turned out to be as they seemed.

The highly unGoogleable brand has not been the success it hoped for, unless its clients were looking for a new TV. In recent years the firm has been referring to itself by the full Lawrence Graham name more and more, and has now officially ditched the two-letter tag in favour of the much more gravitas-filled original.

As the firm points out, its global expansion into places such as Singapore has made the LG tag less desirable: it would be hard to find anyone out there who would immediately associate the letters with a law firm and not a South Korean electronics group.

Of course, had the firm merged with Field Fisher Waterhouse, the LG name might well have gone completely, both in short and in long form.

With continued speculation about another Lawrence Graham tie-up being likely, the question now is how long the brand will remain at all.


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