Wealth management

High-net-worth individuals require legal advice that is as sophisticated as their business and investment interests and never loses sight of their goals. This is one of our hallmarks. Mayer Brown offers a world-class range of tax, estate, business planning and charitable advisory services to individual clients, family groups, fiduciaries and charitable organisations.

Maintaining, maximising and transferring wealth and exploiting opportunities, while minimising complications, is one of the strengths of our wealth management group. Our advice reaches beyond just minimising taxes, but ensuring practical and effective solutions to complex issues while maintaining flexibility to accommodate unforeseen events and family situations.

We advise professional fiduciaries, represent parties in fiduciary litigation, and counsel fiduciaries in the administration of trusts and estates. Our wealth management group offers extensive capabilities in the following areas:

Estate planning
Tax considerations are of paramount concern when addressing issues of estate planning. It is vital that business owners and executives who have accumulated significant wealth properly plan for the distribution of assets to future generations to minimise the domestic or potential international tax implications and maximise the benefit for family members. Mayer Brown offers sophisticated planning advice to address these concerns and ensure effective succession, distribution and tax minimisation plans. We have advised numerous high-net-worth families on how to efficiently transition their assets and helped clients effectively manage the tax consequences of their desires for future generations.

Trust and estate administration
Effective administration is a crucial component of estate and trust planning. Mayer Brown’s sophisticated experience with crafting individualised plans for high-net-worth individuals and families gives us a solid perspective for administering those estates upon death. Effective estate administration is a function of many factors, including federal and state income and estate tax laws as well as any potential international implications of a particular plan’s provisions. Time and again, our wealth management lawyers have been trusted during emotionally difficult times to ensure the efficient and orderly administration of
substantial estates and trusts.

Trust and estate litigation
Litigation sometimes is unavoidable during the emotional events surrounding the administration of an estate. Mayer Brown’s extensive experience with creating trusts and estates means we are well versed in issues involving estate planning and trust administration, and successfully mediating or litigating those issues. Particularly when controversies arise between family members, sensitivity to familial dynamics is crucial. Providing clients with consistency and continuity to bring estate and trust controversies to successful and amicable conclusions is one of our greatest strengths.

Tax-exempt organisations
Tax-exempt organisations provide immeasurable benefits to our communities, ranging from the provision of food, shelter, clothing and medical care to needy individuals, to the education of our children, to the support of our cultural institutions. It is important to recognise, however, that there is a complex array of state and federal laws and regulations that must be strictly followed in all aspects of the administration of these organisations. In certain cases, the failure to adhere to these laws and regulations may result in substantial penalties upon the individuals (board members and staff) who are responsible for these organisations, as well as the loss of the organisation’s tax-exempt status. Mayer Brown represents a number of different types of tax-exempt organisations, including private non-operating foundations, private operating foundations, public charities, supporting organisations, university endowments, hospital endowments, corporate foundations and community foundations. We have extensive experience with all aspects of their governance, including formation, administration, grant-making, fundraising, planned giving, tax planning and compliance, and litigation.

Charitable giving
Passionate giving for clients is about the vision and mission of a charitable or tax-exempt organisation. Generosity should be tempered only by a desire to have the greatest impact. Like our clients, Mayer Brown is dedicated to ensuring the effectiveness of philanthropy. Our wealth management lawyers have developed a strategic approach to philanthropy to help high-net-worth individuals frame, develop, and fulfill
their charitable goals so that they can truly make a difference.

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