Travers Smith elects Hale as new senior partner

Travers Smith has chosen corporate head Chris Hale as its new senior partner, replacing Chris Carroll who stands down this year.

Hale, a longstanding partner, will take over on 1 July following a decade as head of corporate, a role he took on in 2003. Hale has been a partner at the firm since 1987.

There is no set term to the appointment, with Hale – like Carroll – continuing as senior partner until he retires.

He was selected following soundings from partners, which led to Hale’s name being the standout one.

Spencer Summerfield has been unveiled as Hale’s replacement at the helm of the corporate practice.

The firm said Carroll would continue to work for the firm in an international consultancy role but will retire as a partner. He became senior partner in 2010, replacing Alasdair Douglas (29 May 2010).

Hale said in a statement: “As senior partner, I will continue the firm’s strategy, focusing in particular on ensuring that our relationship with, and service to, our clients is as good as it can be and our strengths are articulated as clearly as possible to those operating in the markets on which we concentrate. I will also continue, albeit on a slightly reduced basis, my transactional practice.

“Chris Carroll will be a hard act to follow, and I am delighted that he will stay with us to help enhance further our international law capabilities.”

Managing partner Andrew Lilley last year extended his term until 2014, with the employment lawyer planning to return to fee-earning at the end of that year (17 September 2012).