Taxation, superannuation and pensions

From efficient tax arrangements to the rationalisation of funds, clients call upon our tax and superannuation teams for their technical excellence, seamless full-service capability and a detailed understanding of impending regulatory reform.

Australia’s tax and superannuation regimes are being reformed to be more competitive and to provide the right structure for ever-changing requirements. Through the ‘Henry Review’ of tax and the ‘Cooper Review’ of superannuation, the federal government is embarking on a number of significant changes in these industries. Although the full scope and timeframe for implementing reforms is uncertain, both industries face major challenges and opportunities as new markets unfold. 

At the forefront of these complex and dynamic areas of law, clients call upon King & Wood Mallesons for all aspects of their tax and superannuation requirements.

Our team has recently looked at the proposed tax concessions for Australia’s shipping industry.

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