Tax is money. Whether for your business, for your employees, for your shareholders or for you, our Tax Team understands that managing your tax position is of critical importance.

Inevitably, it is an area riddled with complexity and requires advisers with the highest technical abilities. Tax can often influence the way businesses are structured and as a result how transactions are effected. The right advice not only reduces risk but saves money. However, the tax rules are changed with alarming frequency and being up to date is a constant project.

Yet this is not enough. A tax adviser not only needs to know the rules but needs to understand what drives businesses and transactions to be able to add real value to clients. However, just as important is the commercial awareness of the context in which such complex issues are to be considered. It is this balance of the technical skills with commercial awareness that sets our Tax Team apart.

All our tax advisors are commercial lawyers experienced in structuring transactions and negotiating deals both with the tax authorities and other parties. The emphasis is not on the calculation of tax but on giving practical and commercial advice to save our clients money.

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