Small is beautiful

Sometimes, big things come in small packages. And we’re not talking about Ronnie Corbett, iPods or Shetland ponies. The 10 inspiring stories from the bottom half of the UK200 documented in this week’s feature prove that good things don’t always come in flashy, ready-to-eat packages.

And that includes ponies.

As the feature reveals, some of the UK’s smaller law firms are making real strides. Take Derby-based Flint Bishop. The firm launched an online support service in 2011 that brought in 169 new clients last year – including Loomis (£109m turnover), National Windscreens (£41m turnover) and Tchibo Coffee (£22m turnover). Not bad for a £9.4m firm.

And then there’s Keystone Law, which instead of building a firm with bricks and mortar came up with a dotcom idea that has so far attracted a slew of experienced lawyers from top 50 firms. Or media law firm Wiggin, where partners are in the middle of plans to launch a technology incubator in East London.

So there’s your taste. Now stop fretting over the horse in your bolognese and have a read here. It’s all very saucy.


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