Serbia adopts draft of building legalisation law

According to Karanovic & Nikolic, the Republic of Serbia’s government has adopted the Draft of Law on Special Conditions for the Registration of an Ownership Right for Buildings Constructed without a Construction Permit.

The draft of the legalisation law allows owners of illegal buildings that were constructed before 11 September 2009 — there are currently there are around 1.3 million of them — to legalise their buildings with the Republic Geodetic Authority. An administrative fee must be paid.

Requests for legalisation filed within the deadlines stipulated by the Law on Planning and Construction are to be automatically forwarded to the competent cadastral service. For those who failed to file their requests for legalisation within the previously stated deadline, the draft of the legalisation law sets a one-year deadline as of its enactment for them to file such a request before the competent cadastral service.

It is expected that the draft of the legalisation law will be effective from March 2013. It will likely be applicable until 31 December 2014.