Real estate and conveyancing

The Bowman Gilfillan real-estate and conveyancing practice group consists of experienced property lawyers. Our lawyers are experts in the field of property law, and go above and beyond to provide a proficient and expeditious service, which ultimately leads to sound and enduring relationships with our clients.

So whether you’re purchasing or selling real estate, refinancing your private or commercial real estate, planning to build your own home or wanting to extend an existing building, our division is able to offer you expert contractual, commercial and conveyancing services.

Our real-estate and conveyancing clients include major domestic and international banking and financial institutions, listed and unlisted corporations, state owned enterprises, real-estate developers and consultants, commercial and residential real-estate agents as well as private individuals.

Making good legal fences ensures good neighbours.

Areas of practice
The practice group offers a wide range of services to its clients, these include:

  • Registration of transfer of residential, sectional title, commercial, industrial, agricultural and recreational real estate
  • Negotiation and drafting of real-estate agreements
  • Acquisition and development of residential and commercial real estate
  • Preparation and registration of mortgage, surety and collateral bonds for institutional and private clients
  • Preparation and registration of all notarial bonds for institutional and private clients
  • Preparation and registration of notarial deeds (including servitudes, deeds in respect of sectional title schemes, lease agreements, notarial tie agreements)
  • Real-estate due diligence investigations
  • Financial structuring of real-estate transactions
  • Advice on real-estate taxes (transfer duty, value added tax and capital gains tax). Assisting non-resident purchasers and sellers of property in South Africa, including Reserve Bank and lending approvals
  • Preparing and attending to the authentication of documents for use outside the Republic of South Africa
  • Advice on and drafting of commercial and residential leases
  • Real-estate sub-divisions and consolidations
  • The establishment and registration of townships
  • Advice on and implementation of deceased and insolvent estate property transactions
  • Planning, development and registration of sectional title schemes, retirement villages, recreational estates and golf course estates
  • Commercial real-estate re-organisation
  • Planning and structuring of share block, time-share, real estate syndications and fractional ownership schemes

Real-estate transactions may seem relatively straightforward, but the reality is that its associated law often involves complex issues.

Bowman Gilfillan’s private and commercial real-estate attorneys are experts in their field — making them well placed to handle all the legal aspects of any real-estate transaction.

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