Professional liability

Curtis litigators represent accountants and lawyers, and their firms, in a wide range of matters, including professional malpractice claims, securities and shareholder actions, government investigations and proceedings before disciplinary committees, and contract disputes. The team has defended accountants and lawyers in lawsuits and investigations of their work for clients in numerous business sectors, including securities, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, energy and consumer products.

Our litigators handle professional liability matters throughout the US from the firm’s New York office. We have represented accountants in every stage of a government investigation from the informal inquiry, through the investigation, at trial or hearing, and on appeal. Our experience encompasses:

  • Matters before the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board
  • Federal financial regulatory agencies
  • State licensing boards
  • State and federal authorities in parallel investigations
  • Cases brought by former clients, bankruptcy trustees, insurance liquidators, shareholders, creditors, investors and insurers

Curtis brings decades of experience and a solid understanding of the variations in state laws to its defence of lawyers in malpractice actions. Our clients regularly prevail not only because our team of attorneys defends the quality of the client’s work, but also because we aggressively pursue key defence issues such as privity, causation, reliance, imputation, contributory fault, deepening insolvency and applicable statutes of limitations.

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