Product liability

At DLA Piper, we handle complex, multi-party, multi-jurisdictional cases in a wide variety of industries, including mass tort and class action litigation and individual claims. Our international reach enables us to advise on laws and regulations as they relate to products wherever companies do business and to co-ordinate our services in all the jurisdictions involved.

We thoroughly understand our clients’ industries and businesses so we can recommend a course of action based on each client’s circumstances.

Our clients are industry leaders in areas such as aerospace, aircraft, aircraft carrier and submarine manufacturing, construction and mining equipment, personal watercraft, building products, elevators, escalators and industrial tools.

We handle claims in many different industries, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, automobiles, trucks, heavy equipment, chemicals, paint, children’s products, food and tobacco. We also help manage the claims and liabilities of all members of the supply chain, including suppliers, manufacturers, secondary manufacturers, distributors, retailers and end users.

We offer full service support in product liability compliance and defence through one of the world’s largest litigation and arbitration practices, including advice on:

  • Compliance and regulatory issues
  • Risk management
  • Insurance coverage
  • Product recall and crisis management
  • Lobbying and strategic communications
  • Litigation and defence
  • Class actions by multiple claimants
  • Defence against libel, slander and criminal prosecutions

When a liability claim is brought, we carry out a thorough review of the company’s position, which includes:

  • Extent of potential financial exposure
  • Evidence of operating to a jurisdiction’s regulatory requirements or industry best practice
  • Ability to demonstrate mitigating circumstances
  • Potential liabilities of other parties in the supply chain
  • Counterclaims of product tampering/extortion
  • Need to maintain ongoing business relationships
  • Scope for protecting your brand and corporate reputation
  • Risk of criminal proceedings against individuals

We then devise a dispute resolution strategy based on a pragmatic appraisal of the goals critical to the success of your business, advising on whether these are best achieved through litigation or alternative dispute resolution methods.

Our regulatory lawyers offer immediate support on strategic communications and public affairs issues, including product recall strategies across one or many jurisdictions; communications with the appropriate regulatory authorities; and public relations advice on managing the media and assisting employees.

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