Pro bono

Our pro bono practice draws on the experience of our professionals worldwide to improve the lives of those without access to justice or the means to hire lawyers and to meet the legal needs of charities and non-profit social enterprises.

Providing high-quality legal services to those most in need and least able to pay is an integral part of being a lawyer. At Hogan Lovells, we take that responsibility seriously.

The goal of our pro bono practice is to attain excellent results for clients in need. Those who come to us for pro bono help often experience harm that is shared by others, so we look for opportunities to make a bigger impact through our work. Whether by acting for multiple clients or larger entities, or through policy advocacy, our goal is to tackle injustice on a large scale.

For years, the firms that combined to form Hogan Lovells have been at the forefront of the global movement to advance social justice and the rule of law by providing legal services at no cost. Hogan Lovells continues that tradition with a commitment to excellent performance, practice diversity and global reach in our pro bono work.

  • Excellent performance. As in all of Hogan Lovells’ practices, clients come first. In the past year alone, we have protected a settlement remedying a mortgage foreclosure fraud that deprived six elderly clients of title to their homes, advised a co-operative on ways to help Indian cotton farmers grow and sell fair-trade organic cotton to the UK, provided the legal work to support ParalympicsGB during the 2008 Beijing and 2010 Vancouver Games and won a $120,000 jury verdict against a fraudulent contractor.
  • Practice diversity. The pro bono practice draws upon the skills and experience of professionals across the firm. Whether a pro bono client needs a vigorous advocate in litigation, an environmental expert in a complex regulatory process or an experienced lawyer to negotiate a contract with a funder, Hogan Lovells is ready to help.  
  • Global scope. The firm’s global reach enables us to help clients all over the world. We welcome projects that build cross-border legal teams, so we can make a difference on the ground for clients across the globe. 

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