Non-lawyers rule the world … or at least Shakespeares

Shakespeares’ chief executive Paul Wilson has a sideline in publicly debating the merits of non-lawyers running law firms. His turn involves him going head-to-head with a managing partner in front of a crowded room and arguing that legal practices should be run as businesses.

Lawyers flock to watch the show, apparently, and naturally this gives him a penchant for natty one-liners.

“It is becoming a market of winners and losers and we want to make sure we’re on the right side,” he’s declared, in reference to the appointment of former FTSE 100 Serco Group business development director Nick Brown and a passing nod to the strife at Cobbetts.

Topical and straight down the line.

Wilson may be the frontman with the quotable soundbites, but he is savvy enough to recognise that he needs a pair of experienced hands holding the ladder as he continues to climb the rungs. Brown has been brought in from being a “critical friend” to running the day-to-day business of the fast-expanding Midlands firm as managing director.

By appointing another non-lawyer as a “second me”, Wilson will hope that Shakespeares’ continued success will prove his point.

BREAKING NEWS: Travers Smith appoints corporate head Chris Hale as new senior partner.


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