My kingdom for a new GC

Barclays CEO Antony Jenkins is likely to find some skeletons in various corners of the UK bank by the time he completes his attempts to revamp its image, but DNA tests are unlikely to prove without any reasonable doubt that they are those of Mark Harding.s

Harding, the lender’s general counsel since 2003, has chosen to retire ten years after joining from Clifford Chance, setting the ball rolling on a lengthy process to find a new legal chief for the UK banking giant.

Unlike Richard III, who was today confirmed as the man whose remains had been found underneath a Leicester car park, Harding’s advisers have kept themselves far from trouble. While Richard’s advisers counselled him to see that two princes were placed in the Tower of London, Harding put together a long list of over 100 advisers to carry out marginally less mischievous tasks such as putting together collateralised debt obligation agreements, schemes of arrangement and regulatory opinions.

And while Richard III’s life was made into a play, few can envisage Hollywood being too interested in a movie about Harding’s life work as chairman of the General Counsel 100 Group or the Board of the International Swaps and Derivatives Association.

But then who’d have thought a king’s bones would have been found in a car park, so you never know. We have a hunch Harding will resurface before long.


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