Labour law

We assist our clients in all aspects of labour law from day-to-day advice to complex employment litigation.

We draft employment agreements, subcontracting agreements and agreements for temporary employment relations and transfer of employees. We also give advice on labour law consequences of splitting up of companies and transfer of workplaces including but not limited to the risk assessment regarding Turkish Labor Law and employees. We evaluate M&A transactions and privatisations looking at all aspects of Turkish Labor Law and represent clients in labour-law-related lawsuits.

We also provide services such as employee handbook reviews and policy audits.

Employee benefits
We provide practical advice to our clients to their align employees’ benefits with their overall personnel, financial, and business objectives.

We provide education services to managers in relation to employment management and human resources.

Labour law disputes
Our labour law litigation team provides legal assistance to our clients in relation to lawsuits regarding, among others, reinstatement, employee benefits and receivables i.e. severance payment, overtime, salary receivable and annual leave, indemnification claims arising out of work accidents, and any other disputes arising out of work contracts of  employees particularly the contracts of chief executive officers and chief financial officers.

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