Ince, Clive

Clive Ince is a highly experienced lawyer within our Dispute Resolution team whose practice covers a broad range of commercial disputes, nationally and internationally. 

Clive Ince

He acts for corporate, individual and institutional clients regarding contractual issues, professional negligence, company disputes and accident and insurance claims.

Ince’s expertise also extends to advising publishers, editors and authors on clearance and risk management issues including defamation, contract disputes and other legal/commercial exposures.

His approach towards resolving legal disputes is “grounded” and pragmatic. Through his long experience Ince understands the realities of litigation and he recognises that it is an unwelcome (and expensive) distraction for the vast majority of clients. Therefore where possible he works with his clients to devise a strategy which is designed to deliver identified objectives.

He is frequently involved in mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution which are aimed at avoiding protracted litigation and securing a fair and early conclusion. Over his professional career Ince has developed a loyal client following.

He is a member of The London Solicitors Litigation Association.

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