Our energy team of lawyers is able to represent clients throughout the energy sector, from national and international oil companies through to funders, investors and the government.

In addition, we have established a firm relationship with one of the largest global law firms, boasting a global energy footprint unmatched by any other law firm.

Together, we are able to provide a comprehensive range of services and consider that we have considerable unrivalled expertise in the following fields:

  • Upstream: comprising the licensing, exploration and production stage, farm ins/outs and joint operating agreements and joint venturing
  • Midstream infrastructure: consisting of the construction, financing and operation infrastructure and transportation (such as pipelines)
  • Downstream dissemination of products: including marketing and refining
  • Regulatory/health and safety and compliance
  • Acquisition and disposal of energy-related interests/assets and conducting pre-acquisition legal due diligence
  • Financing: including funding acquisitions, project financing for developments, funding cash calls, securitisations and Islamic financing
  • Shipping and trading of natural gas: including liquefied natural gas
  • Dispute resolution: including international arbitration relating to energy disputes