Emmison, Martin

Martin Emmison has a niche motor collector practice and continues to do domestic and US-derived commercial work. 

Martin Emmison

He handles regularly cross-border sales and exchanges of very expensive vehicles, and is experienced in the import, taxation and registration issues.

Emmison also handles resolution of the disputes that inevitably arise in this area, with the help of the firm’s litigation department where matters become seriously contentious.

The motor practice arises from Emmison’s lifetime enthusiasm for sports and racing cars. The clients are a mixture of dealers, brokers, restorers, race preparers and major collectors from all parts of the world, in this specialised but growing area of commercial activity.

On the corporate side Emmison handles shareholders’ agreements, raising of capital, advice to individual shareholders and directors and the sale and purchase of businesses. He is rigorous in his efforts to keep documents short and to the point.

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