Dubai court subpoena recognised by a US domain names registry

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Dubai court subpoena recognised by a US domain names registry - .PDF file.

Identity protection in respect of the ownership of domain names is no longer an obstacle in litigation before the Dubai courts.

When registering a domain name, there is an option to make the registrant’s personal information private by registering the domain name through the name Domains By Proxy. This practice is called ID Protect and the result is that details of the domain name owner will not be revealed in searches through ‘Whois’ domain name search providers.

ID Protect was originally designed to protect the privacy of domain name owners as it avoided having personal information such as names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses published online 24 hours a day on the internet. However, the ID Protect system has occasionally been misused by cybersquatters or domain owners who commit various violations, such as merchandizing counterfeit and/or infringing and/or otherwise unlawful products and materials. Such domain name owners may have been under the impression that ID Protect gives some “protection” to them to freely act without having to expose their identities and resulting in practical difficulties on the part of intellectual property rights owners to establish their identities and to take legal action in the UAE…

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