Debt recovery

Debt recovery is sometimes seen as a mundane, back-office task. However, we recognise that debt recovery is, in fact, intrinsic to the health of any business and that there can be a whole range of complicating factors involved in the process.

Our Recoveries Services Group provides a complete range of debt recovery services utilising cutting edge technology and with specialists dealing with different debt types, all operating under a centralised management structure allowing us to deliver consistently excellent service.

We have a reputation that is second to none, acting for lenders and debt purchasers across their businesses. Our approach means we provide specialists offering genuine expertise dealing with mortgage recoveries, sales and shortfall, unsecured lending, asset finance and invoice finance.

We also have an excellent reputation for trade debt recovery on a business-to-business basis, together with a burgeoning reputation in the utilities industry.

Our structure ensures we can provide a full range of volume recoveries and litigation options, while ensuring that we have the expertise and experience to deal with complex and technical issues arising from volume recoveries.

Our expert staff are supported by a bespoke case management system that not only systemises our processes, providing our clients with the benefits of enhanced efficiency, but that is also the basis for the provision of our extensive suite of management information.

We can provide a wide range of generic and bespoke reports, providing clients with the information they require in order to understand the performance and status of the portfolios on which we are instructed. We can also provide raw data, allowing clients to produce their own MI where this is preferred.

We employ our own internal performance management team, which lets us analyse our portfolios on a regaulr basis. This team also engages regularly with clients’ internal MI teams to produce ad-hoc analysis, as required.

We recognise that in the financial services arena the regulatory framework within which we and our clients operate continues to expand. To ensure that we all operate with the letter and spirit of this environment, we are one of the few law firms to employ a dedicated compliance team, which not only helps monitor our internal compliance requirements, but also clients’ internal requirements.

Shoosmiths LLP holds Affiliate Membership of the Credit Services Association and has agreed to comply with the Association’s Code of Practice.

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