Data protection

In recent years, data protection compliance has become increasingly important for businesses. There are two main reasons for this: first, customer data has become a highly valuable business asset, with many organisations relying heavily on their ability to collect and process personal data in order to operate their businesses; and second, individuals are becoming more and more aware of their rights in relation to the protection of their personal information, so businesses must get it right if they want to gain customer trust and confidence.

With current proposals to reform data protection regulation across Europe, it is likely that data protection compliance and regulation is going to become increasingly important for businesses.

Shoosmiths’ data protection team has a wealth of experience advising clients on data protection compliance issues and broader privacy laws concerning:

  • Marketing within the law
  • Use of CCTV
  • Employee monitoring
  • The sale and purchase of customer databases
  • The Freedom of Information Act

We recognise that data protection and privacy affects many aspects of a business, so we work closely with clients to help them achieve compliance while not compromising on their overall objectives.

For further information about specific data protection advice we have provided recently, have a look at the services our team offer, which include:

  • Data protection advice
  • EU and cookie legislation
  • Subject access requests

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