Cross-border litigation

Globalisation of the world’s markets has brought limitless opportunities for international commerce, connecting people, products and businesses the world over. As work becomes increasingly borderless, so too has the potential for legal liability, exposing multinational corporations to financial and reputational risk across multiple jurisdictions.

A fundamental element of the risk management process is the identification of contentious and regulatory issues across your organisation’s geographical centres of operation and partnering, with lawyers focused on litigation who are attuned to your needs in relevant jurisdictions to secure the best outcomes for your business.

With lawyers in the Americas, the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and the Middle East, DLA Piper has more litigators with courtroom experience handling cross-border disputes than any other firm. Our cross-border litigation practice complements our highly regarded international arbitration group and leverages an unrivalled breadth of international experience and an unmatched global platform of litigators to successfully secure your business interests in any international dispute, anywhere in the world.

We regularly handle technically challenging multi-jurisdictional matters and work extensively in emerging markets. Our global network allows us to provide clients with a fully integrated team and consistent quality across all jurisdictions involving teams comprising litigators qualified in all the relevant legal and regulatory systems. We have the local strength and knowledge to advise on specific legal, cultural and procedural issues, as well as the international experience.

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We can manage cross-border litigation in the following areas:

  • Complex multi-jurisdictional litigation
  • Multi-jurisdictional investigations
  • Banking and securities litigation
  • Product liability litigation
  • Insurance/reinsurance litigation
  • Fraud and asset recovery
  • Sovereign government litigation