Commercial contracts

Commercial contracts work is at the heart of the firm and its reputation; we take pride in being at the leading edge, rather than playing a supporting role in transactions. 

Our lawyers are market-leading practitioners, and have shaped many of the landmark deals in the various sectors that we serve. This means that we do not simply counsel our clients on how to paper their transactions, but work with them from the start to come up with the structure that is most effective for them, and share with them our experience of the many other deals we have executed. 

We don’t distinguish ‘legal points’ and ‘commercial points’. If an issue is relevant to the deal we are working on then we will understand it and help our clients to resolve it. We also understand that contracts are important for our clients, and time-pressured. Our clients don’t need to explain to us that something is urgent or critical; we know already.

Our commercial lawyers also benefit from the support of colleagues expert in complementary legal areas. Tax lawyers ensure that contracts are tax efficient and that any liability is properly allocated between the parties. Competition law specialists enable contracts to exploit rights or distribute products as effectively as possible, within the constraints of an ever-changing legal and regulatory framework.

The excellence of our advice is international. Our clients don’t just transact in one nation; they are cross-border, global, like our lawyers in offices around the world. Our advice is not national; it is international and does not stop at borders.

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