Wragge & Co secures patent infringement finding against British Telecommunications

Wragge & Co’s intellectual property team has secured a High Court judgement against British Telecommunications (BT) for patent infringement in connection with its Next Generation Access (NGA) broadband network.

The case was brought by US-based technology broadband software developer ASSIA Incorporated, a client of Wragge & Co. It is an extremely significant patent action in the UK court. BT owns the majority of the infrastructure for broadband delivery in the UK and by refusing to take a licence or admit its infringement, it was effectively blocking ASSIA’s access to the UK market.

ASSIA sued BT for infringement of three patents in connection with three BT broadband services (20CN, 21CN and NGA). In a detailed judgement, Mr Justice Birss found that BT’s NGA broadband network system infringes EP (UK) 1,869,790 and that the patent is valid.