New framework is an important step towards better business reporting, says KPMG

KPMG has welcomed the publication of the International Integrated Reporting Council’s integrated reporting framework, saying that it is an important step on the journey towards better business reporting. 

According to KPMG, integrated reporting is an opportunity to align business reporting more closely with shareholder value that could ultimately support a more stable business and investment environment.

The firm said that businesses can struggle to communicate their progress in developing and protecting their prospects through traditional reporting.

Furthermore, KPMG said that the final version of the framework could prove an effective tool for businesses looking to shift their reporting focus from short-term financial performance to long-term shareholder value creation.

KPMG expects that the framework will be most attractive to companies as a means for developing their existing narrative reporting rather than as a basis for an additional, standalone, integrated report.

David Matthews, leader of KPMG’s integrated reporting team and KPMG partner in the UK, said: ‘Building narrative reporting around the business model to explain how the business has been developed should be particularly attractive to management teams looking to move their investor dialogue beyond short-term earnings.’