Lewis Hamilton’s father fights British driver in High Court

Lewis Hamilton’s father, Anthony, is in court today for the fourth day of his wrongful dismissal case against Scottish race driver Paul di Resta.

Fox Williams partner Gavin Foggo has instructed Brick Court’s Charles Hollander QC to lead the case for Hamilton who alleges wrongful termination of contract and loss of earnings after being dropped by Di Resta.

Wragge & Co partner James Gordon is leading the defence for Force India driver Di Resta with 2 Temple Gardens’ Paul Downes QC instructed to lead Nina Goolamali. 

The driver argues that he dropped Hamilton for misleading him over a sponsorship deal with an energy drinks company that never came to fruition.

The battle started last year, when Di Resta parted with his manager Anthony Hamilton early in the season after failing to make money from his contract with energy drinks company Go Fast.

Di Resta took the deal, arranged with his friend Jordan Wise, worth an estimated £4.3m to his former manager in 2011.

Di Resta claims that Hamilton advised him it would be best to proceed to buying Di Resta’s sports drinks rights from Force India and that they were worth about £1.5m.

After hearing nothing over the deal Di Resta went back to Force India, who told him that the rights in the company were actually worth only £800,000, leading Di Resta to terminate his contract with the manager.

The amount Hamilton could seek in loss of earnings is a sticky issue as it depends on Di Resta’s chances of making the Formula one team next year.

Di Resta was in court earlier when he said it was unlikely that he would have a Formula 1 drive in 2014.