Latham, Kevin

Kevin Latham is now an established costs practitioner.

He has considerable experience in all areas relating to costs, to include:

  • Additional liabilities
  • Conduct and misconduct
  • Costs of personal injury claims
  • Detailed assessments
  • Drafting work (including points of dispute)
  • Fixed costs
  • Litigants in person
  • Orders for costs
  • Points of principle in disputes between opposing parties
  • Points of principle where proportionality is an issue
  • Procedural law, election and evidence
  • Solicitor/own client disputes
  • Wasted costs and/or third-party costs orders

While still junior in terms of call, Latham has gained an excellent understanding of the law and practice of costs. Clients and more senior members of chambers have been particularly impressed by his written work, which is always clear and well researched; this makes him an obvious choice for cases involving points of law, particularly where there is a need to keep costs to a minimum. Having focused a large part of his early career on the topic, Latham is an expert in costs disputes involving the fixed costs regimes (including predictable costs and MOJ Portal costs) and is widely considered to be well placed to tackle the inevitable disputes which will arise when those regimes are extended and new regimes are introduced.

Having previously worked for a Manchester firm of costs draftsmen and in-house at a national firm of solicitors, he is able to understand clients’ needs in every aspect of costs litigation. Latham has experience of drafting all forms of costs pleadings, including (unusually for counsel) bills of costs. That experience enables Latham to provide first-class advice and advocacy services in cases where an appreciation of the ‘bigger picture’ is required. He is increasingly being instructed on cases involving high-value claims for costs in fatal accident claims or multiple party actions, and has a real interest in continuing to develop that aspect of his practice.

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This material was sourced from the Kings Chambers website.