Hogan Lovells reveals disappointment in coalition planning reforms

Planning reforms introduced by the coalition government have fallen significantly short of expectations, according to property developers, investors, planners and surveyors within the planning industry surveyed by Hogan Lovells and Property Week.

More than 150 industry players were surveyed about their confidence in the effectiveness of planning reforms implemented by the coalition government over the last three years. The results reveal industry disillusionment with the reforms:

  • 39 per cent of respondents stated that the planning reforms had been quite ineffective or a complete failure and 22 per cent said that they had produced no impact;
  • When asked if the coalition’s planning reforms have helped to boost development, only 36 per cent felt that this target was being met; and
  • Only 29 per cent of respondents considered that the reforms were helping them to do their job better.

Hogan Lovells said that the survey did not paint a hopeful outlook going forward, with 55 per cent of respondents predicting that the planning reforms will have no impact or success over the next five years.