Dacheng senior partner submits proposal on subsidising listed companies on SEE

On 14–17 January 2013 at the second meeting of the 13th CPPCC of Putuo District in Shanghai, Dacheng senior partner Shang Jiangang, who is also a member of the local political consultative committee, submitted a proposal on subsidising listed companies on the Shanghai Equity Exchange (SEE).

The government of Putuo District gave the following feedback: ‘Our opinion is as follows: in recent years, the government of Putuo has devoted much effort in creating a favourable financial environment by concentrating financial services providers and implementing more targeted policies, tapping financial services providers in serving the real economy, offering preferential treatment to start-up, high-tech companies that the central government encourages to develop, manoeuvring technological innovation and transformation while making the best use of the capital market.’