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Economic substance: An overview for Bermuda shipping companies

By Victor Richards, Marcello Ausenda, Guy Cooper Bermuda’s Economic Substance Act 2018 and Economic Substance Regulations 2018 (and subsequent amendments) set out the requirements that Bermuda-based entities must adopt with regard to economic substance in the jurisdiction. Bermuda, along with all of the major offshore jurisdictions, passed this legislation in order to remain on the […]

Establishing a ship owning company in Bermuda

By Victor Richards, Marcello Ausenda, Guy Cooper Bermuda is a world-renowned centre for international business. More than ten thousand international exempted companies are registered in Bermuda, including many ship-owning companies such as Princess Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruise Lines Holdings, Frontline, Golar LNG, GasLog and Golden Ocean Group. “Exempted” companies may be owned wholly or in […]

BVI commercial litigation in the digital age: Responding to COVID-19 and beyond

By Alecia Johns, Andrew Hay The Covid-19 pandemic is the single most globally impactful event for decades. It is no surprise that, as in most fields, the functioning of courts has warranted urgent and necessary adaptation in its wake. The pandemic has accelerated modernisation towards electronic filings and virtual hearings across the world. The BVI […]

Covering ears to steal bells: Ignoring insolvency at risk of liquidation

It is better to face difficult facts and to engage with them, as soon as possible. This is certainly true in the case of financially distressed or insolvent companies doing business in the PRC, incorporated in offshore jurisdictions such as Bermuda or the Cayman Islands, and whose shares are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

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New Court of Appeal case a game-changer for arbitration in family law

By Sarah Green A recent Court of Appeal case has the potential to change the landscape of arbitration in family law. With the court backlog worse than ever as a result of Covid-19, out-of-court settlement options, such as Early Neutral Evaluations, Private FDRs and Arbitration are seen as increasingly attractive prospects for separating couples, who […]

Decade-long Saad litigation settled between AHAB and Grant Thornton Defendants

By Rupert Bell, Shelley White, Colette Wilkins, Andrew Gibson, Arikka Farley After over 11 years of litigation, Walkers Cayman is pleased to announce that Walkers’ clients, the Grant Thornton Defendants, have reached a confidential settlement with AHAB which results in their release from the AHAB v. Saad Investments and Others proceedings in the Cayman Islands. The proceedings […]

The remote trustee: Getting your house in order after the Covid-19 pandemic

By David Pytches, Monique Bhullar, Philip Paschalides, David Pytches, Clive Thomas To say 2020 has been a challenging year for many would be an understatement. The onset of COVID-19 saw significant hardships for millions of people globally and the economic impacts continue to ripple across the world’s economy, with many expecting these negative consequences to […]

How to manage virtual cross-cultural teams – Interculturality

How to manage virtual teams In our last blog, we explored why it’s important to capitalise on internal resources by designing inclusive workplaces. Inclusion often encounters resistance among those who consider it a passing HR trend and feel the voice of the diversity and inclusion (D&I) advocates is too paternalistic. But often this resistance exists because […]



‘iPhones have destroyed young people’s drive to want to work’ – Property Maintenance Chief

”The latest batch of young people lack any drive or desire to work – largely thanks to the warm, punch-drunk, sedated feeling of being permanently online to their friends on the internet,” according to Will Davies, founder of property maintenance company, London’s leading property maintenance firm with a turnover of £12m. “The iPhone is […]

Cybersecurity remains a global threat, says Paula Barrett of Eversheds

Following calls from David Cameron for formal talks with China on the issue of cybersecurity, Paula Barrett, international head of privacy and information law at Eversheds, said that cybersecurity ‘remains a global threat for businesses’. Barrett said: ‘While there has been a lot of attention in recent weeks and months on cybersecurity in relation to […]


Taylor Wessing latest to post double-digit rise at half-year

Taylor Wessing has reported double-digit growth in its UK revenue with a 10 per cent rise for the first half of 2012/13.  The firm also posted a global revenue rise of 9 per cent between May and October 2013, compared to a 23.3 per cent boost the year before off the back of its central […]

Tenancy of Shops Act in Scotland

By Robin Mitchell Unlike the position in England, in Scotland there is virtually no statutory protection for a commercial tenant at the expiry of their lease. Provided sufficient notice has been given by their landlord, the lease will come to an end on the expiry date and, unless a deal can be struck with the […]

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