Jabbari connects to the law

You can’t accuse David Jabbari of lacking vision. The man with the plan has reappeared on the executive board at Pannone with his latest intriguing remit – to drive the growth of the firm’s referral network Connect2Law.

The former Clyde & Co COO was key in bringing the Clydes and BLG merger together. Now his challenge is to improve connections between 2,600 member firms – quite a leap.

Connect2Law isn’t planning to become an ABS at the moment and Jabbari confidently says he doesn’t see any direct competitors in the market. But talk of greater promotion of the brand is surely made with an eye on the high street presence of QualitySolicitors, Local Law, Co-op and Lawyers2You.

Such a push will of course cost money, and Connect2Law has a team of 17 staff to help implement Jabbari’s vision.

When he left Clydes last month Jabbari spoke of the brave new world of legal services reform and external investment in the legal sector. Now he is insistent that there will be no external investment that commits Pannone to “short-term and cosmetic returns to private equity”.

With the consumer market getting crowded, Jabbari needs to plot a route to the summit.
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