DAC Beachcroft in motor claims tie-up with Innovation Group

DAC Beachcroft has joined forces with business process services provider Innovation Group in a bid to boost its motor claims practice.


Under the new arrangement, which is being led by the firm’s director of strategic programmes Chris Charles, the two organisations will tender jointly to secure new instructions.

The tie-up will see Innovation Group provide first notice of loss (FNOL) and repair management services while DAC Beachcroft’s team will handle the claims.

Charles said: “Our motor claims handling team has worked with various FNOL suppliers over the last two years but we felt the time was right to create a closer relationship with Innovation Group.

“Although this is early days, we’re confident that being able to offer a more integrated claims handling solution for clients will give us a competitive advantage in a marketplace where demands are constantly changing.”

The arrangement is in response to an increasingly challenging market.

Ian Bowen, sales and marketing director at Innovation Group, added: “It’s no secret that insurers are facing tougher challenges than ever before, new risks and audiences.

“We need to be sure that we’re continuing to innovate so that our customers can stay ahead of the game. This partnership with DAC Beachcroft is another leap toward fulfilling these commitments. It provides insurers with more efficient claims processes and ultimately lowers the cost of claims.”

DAC Beachcroft partner Andrew Parker helped the Association of British Insurers (ABI) secure a victory in the Court of Appeal on a 10 per cent CFA uplift loophole, which the ABI claimed would have cost the insurance market £300m in premiums (10 October 2012).